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London based wedding videographer making alternative and cinematic films
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Tynegate Films : ABOUT | Creative Wedding Videographer London

Tynegate Films : About | Creative Wedding Videographer London. Artistic and cinematic wedding films from London Wedding Videographer Ben Tynegate

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I’m Ben, a filmmaker and photographer living in southwest London.

I haven’t always been a wedding videographer, but the foundations were laid long ago. Training as an architect, I became hooked with capturing how things are crafted and documenting the stories of those inhabiting the buildings I studied. It was during this time that I also started to make films, starting with a promotional video for an events company (it wasn’t great; I was distracted by meeting my now wife Paige, who worked for them).

Since then I’ve worked hard to develop my style as an alternative and cinematic filmmaker, working to create films that capture the essence of your wedding day and ultimately, you as a couple.

There’s much more to your wedding than a white dress. It’s the intangible story of you that brings together the outfits, the venue, the flowers, the food, and this is what I make visible.


timeless wedding films capturing honest moments


I film your day as it unfolds, capturing each moment whilst remaining discreet. I use small, unobtrusive cameras and make careful use of natural lighting, composition and framing. Instead of relying upon elaborate staging, I prefer to capture the natural feel of your day and let you enjoy your wedding as it happens.